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$5 million home has Old Naples charm with modern-day style and benefit

If accessorizing a house is like picking fashion jewelry for a dress, Naples designers Diana Hall and Laurie Walter are experts in fashion.


Their latest job acknowledged as the 2016 Signature Home in Southwest Florida's May issue of Home and Design magazine is lavished with coastal-inspired home furnishings, art work and devices showing the Old Naples cottage style, but with unexpected surprises around every corner.


" We take terrific care in picking the best devices," Walter says. "We think about it as the fashion jewelry of the home."


The "Seaglass Cottage," as they call it, has actually been on the marketplace for about 2 weeks. Priced at $4,999,000, the two-story home measures up to its name.


" It sounds advanced, it sounds transitional, it sounds coastal," Downing Frye Realty agent Mary Catherine White said.


Found in the heart of Old Naples five blocks from the beach, three blocks from 5th Avenue shopping and six blocks from Crayton Cove your house was designed cooperatively.


Thom Filicia, a celebrity designer renowned for his role in Bravo's "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" in the early 2000s, was their muse.

Hall and Walter who head their own design company, Cinnabar met Filicia at a global purchasing and retailing display and partnered to build the home from the ground up.


" We carried his design style," Walter said. "We wished to make the home as pleasing and appealing to everybody that walked through the door, however we felt that it needed to stick out and distinguish itself from everything else down in Naples."


That begins with the outsides. Instead of the traditional red, the front door to the home at 730 9th Avenue South is gray, and the white, Hardie board siding a concrete product replicating wood runs horizontal on some walls, and vertical on others.


The neutral backgrounds continue inside, but with unique patterns and color accent pieces throughout. Going into the fantastic space visitors are welcomed by a stately, citron-colored couch table console with a flying eagle pedestal base a signature Filicia piece.


It was an obstacle, Walter stated, to use this lots of Filicia pieces furniture, material, art work, bed linen and rugs and make the house valuable.


" Even Tom Filicia said he's never ever done a home that's had predominately all his products in it," Walter stated. "It's an extremely challenging thing to do."


Your home embodies a clean, fresh, airy environment with an open floor plan, luminescent, quartz countertops in the kitchen, and sandy-colored large slab floor covering.


Outdoors, the color combination extends all the method to the tiny, light blue flowers in the yard and twinkling, waterfall light rippling into the resort-inspired pool. In between the outdoor seating area, there's a coffee table resembling a huge pebble, "like it washed up from the Naples coasts." A swimming pool bath is framed in sparkly, white tiles. A private-entry cabana doubles over the top of a two-car garage.


The master bedroom suite is spa-like, with high ceilings, off-white beams and a poster canopy bed, but with some unexpected patterns and shapes. The same white, monochromatic style continues into the restroom.


The color accents downstairs blues, oranges and yellows carry as much as the 2nd floor, which is signed up with by a fascinating, geometric pattern as the railings on the staircase.


" It's very important when you're designing the home of have a circulation throughout the main living areas and throughout the secondary local areas," Walter said. "We spend a lot of time finding the ideal elements to interact and to look various from what you're seeing all over town."